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Assesors Office

Assesors Office



The Local Assessor shall take charge of the discovery, classification, appraisal, assessment and valuation of all real properties within his territorial jurisdiction which shall be used as basis for taxation. His duties include the preparation, installation and maintenance of a system tax mapping and records management and the preparation of the Schedule of Market Values of the different classes of real property within his territory.




To implement innovative policies and programs in the appraisal and assessment of real properties that conform to the adopted valuation standards in the attainment of fair and equitable and uniform assessments of all real properties within its jurisdiction and help generate sustainable revenue for the local government.




To provide quality services by delivering fair, accurate and uniform appraisal and assessments of real properties for taxation purposes within its jurisdiction through strict compliance of the law and to satisfy our clients with prompt, courteous and professional services.




  • Issuance of Certified Copy Tax Declarations
  • Issuance of Transfer Tax Declarations
  • Issuance of Certifications
  • Segregation/Subdivision
  • Consolidation
  • Annotations of Tax declarations (Mortgages, Bailbonds, others)
  • Research/Traceback of Tax Declarations/Properties
  • Assessment for Taxation Purposes