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Engineering Office

Engineering Office



The City Engineerís Office is the implementing agency of all government infrastructure projects including the preparation of all detailed engineering designs, field surveys, cost estimates, plans, and specifications.

The Office is headed by the City Engineer and is divided into seven divisions such as; administrative, planning, construction and maintenance, building, equipment pool, quality control, and monitoring. Each division is headed by a Division Chief and is responsible for deliberation of work.




The implementing arm of infrastructure projects of the city manned by technically competent, progressive and responsible personnel, motivated by a culture of excellence in public service and mandated to administer, coordinate, supervise and control construction, maintenance, improvement and repair of public works projects guided by the highest standards in the use of modern technology and innovative project management and engineering strategies for the total development of the city as a premiere Agro Eco-Tourism Center in the Philippines.




We, in the City Engineerís Office, pledge and commit to empower ourselves in the delivery of relevant and responsive programs and services dispensed by technically competent, progressive and responsible employees. We also guarantee quality engineering and infrastructure services that are equitably accessible to all as we lay the foundation of a lifelong service for the Bugueños.