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Municipal Tourism Office

Municipal Tourism Office



The Department of Tourism (DOT) shall be the primary government agency charged with the responsibility to encourage, promote, and develop tourism as a major socio-economic activity to generate foreign currency and employment and to spread the benefits of tourism to both the private and public sector.




  • To spread the benefits of tourism to a wider segment of the population with the support, assistance and cooperation of both the private and public sector; and
  • To ensure the safe, convenient, enjoyable stay and travel of foreign and
    local visitors in the Philippines.
  • To establish a development framework that will ensure the improvement and sustainability of a positive environment for orderly business and economic growth that will encourage investments, promote livelihood and employment opportunities;
  • To ensure sustainable growth in revenues from industries that adhere to sustainable framework for developing, utilizing, and managing the environment and natural resources of the municipality
  • To enrich and continuously develop the dynamic and creative local culture in the barangays anchored on the youth
  • To establish and institute development framework that will enhance LGU capability to deliver basic services, strengthen fiscal management, promote transparency and accountability and effect better governance




To create programs that will contribute to the development of the tourism industry of Municipality of Buguey.




The Tourism office of Municipality of Buguey shall have the following in its mission:

  • Encourage Bugueños to help promote Municipality of Buguey as a potential tourists destination with unique people sceneries & activities.
  • Ensure local and foreign visitors that Municipality of Buguey is a safe, convenient & an enjoyable place to visit.
  • Generate employment for Bugueños through private & public involvement




The Tourism Office of Municipality of Buguey anchors on the following core values:

  • Love of community as manifested in our mission of generating jobs for the unemployed members of the society.
  • Culture & excellence
  • following core values: love of God, love of country, love of community, vision- driven, innovativeness, resilience, transparency, culture of excellence, and discipline